And so the search continues…

Having finally settled on Costa Rica as the place for me to stay while i wait to go to Germany, i went to book the flights and was shocked to see that in just 2 days the cost of them has gone up over $500 wow!!! Note to self: stop procrastinating and book the cheap flights when you see them :-/ So, after much prayer, i started reassessing my destination and came up with Paris. Hmmm you may be thinking…isn’t that an expensive place to go? Well, not in winter it seems. Flights there are a lot cheaper than Costa Rica, so i discovered, and accommodation is the same price (and it will mean i am only 1 1/2 hrs flight from my final destination of Germany, and my son and his family).

With iPad in hand, and my high school rusty French, i started my search of accommodations. All rather nice but…hold on…what’s that??? Kitchens and bathrooms aren’t necessarily INSIDE the apartment ummmmm huh??? Have i read that right…ok so time to revert to google translator and research, instead of guessing what the french says :-/ lol. On investigation it is quite common to not have the kitchen and bathroom in the apartment. So another note to self…check the place has these INSIDE the apartment lol. After a few emails to different places i have found a place near the centre. Looks like Paris is a go 😉

Some interesting things i have learnt so far about Paris: the central districts of Paris are divided into 12 Arrondissements, or ‘areas’ which are positioned in a circle around the centre of Paris. Some of these are safe, some arent. From my research it seems that Arrondissements 1-7, 9 and 12 are safe. 18 is more quaint, but also is next to the red light district, so you have to be careful to pick accommodation away from that section.

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