Travelling Dawn: ahh the fun of booking a train ticket for Europe

Having spent hours today looking for seats online for the trip from Paris to Germany on the ICE train, I finally found them but then had trouble getting the train site Bahn to accept payment, I suddenly realised the reason i kept getting the message ‘the ticket you have requested is no longer available’ was because the return trip was too far off to book. I was trying to book seats for late April but the train line hadn’t yet released them, though they don’t tell you this…sigh, well that was 3 hrs i won’t get back. I also learnt that if you want a quick transaction then dont state, too precisely, which seat position you want. It seems the tickets sell so quickly that by the time you get to the check out, your seat has gone! So, eventually I just chose seat with a table in the mobile area and didn’t state whether I wanted window or aisle. In case you are wondering what the mobile area is well…there are two areas you can chose from, mobile or quiet. The quiet area is for people who don’t want to be around people on mobiles etc or those listening to music that can be heard even through earphones, the mobile area has a better mobile signal and you can chat as long and as loud as you like 🙂


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