Microsoft does it again…not happy


I have Office 2007 Ultimate, and yes I know that is an older version but…it came with a free upgrade to Office 2010 and so it has been great. Now, I have a new computer (purchased by work) and loaded my Office 2007 onto the computer (expecting it to upgrade to 2010 as it did last Nov when I reinstalled it on my old laptop). Well it didn’t upgrade. I contacted Microsoft help, and they informed me that they no longer give the free upgrade, even if you had got it before and installed it on an older computer.I queried ‘surely those who purchased a product and got the upgrade should still be able to upgrade if they reinstall the product onto a new machine?’ and their answer ‘Unfortunately that is not how it works’. So, basically you can get a free upgrade (which I see as you now own it) but if you have to reinstall or buy a new computer after their (un notified) cut off date, you will have to purchase the upgrade.

They also said that Windows 10 will only be free for a year, and then you will have to pay for it. So, if you have Windows 10 on a computer and need to reinstall Windows 10 or buy a new computer after the cut off date, you will need to purchase it for your new computer.

Not happy Microsoft, you need to look after your customers and still supply them with the product they had.