Microsoft does it again…not happy


I have Office 2007 Ultimate, and yes I know that is an older version but…it came with a free upgrade to Office 2010 and so it has been great. Now, I have a new computer (purchased by work) and loaded my Office 2007 onto the computer (expecting it to upgrade to 2010 as it did last Nov when I reinstalled it on my old laptop). Well it didn’t upgrade. I contacted Microsoft help, and they informed me that they no longer give the free upgrade, even if you had got it before and installed it on an older computer.I queried ‘surely those who purchased a product and got the upgrade should still be able to upgrade if they reinstall the product onto a new machine?’ and their answer ‘Unfortunately that is not how it works’. So, basically you can get a free upgrade (which I see as you now own it) but if you have to reinstall or buy a new computer after their (un notified) cut off date, you will have to purchase the upgrade.

They also said that Windows 10 will only be free for a year, and then you will have to pay for it. So, if you have Windows 10 on a computer and need to reinstall Windows 10 or buy a new computer after the cut off date, you will need to purchase it for your new computer.

Not happy Microsoft, you need to look after your customers and still supply them with the product they had.

2 more days to go until i fly…

Suitcase is kinda packed..still changing stuff around to make it lighter. I booked my flight from Germany to Paris yesterday, for my return trip to the USA in April. The latest flight to Paris was 10pm :-/ but my flight to the USA isn’t until 7:40am, so i have been checking out if Paris airport is safe to stay overnight in. From all that i have read, it appears it is, but people recommend you go to Terminal 2E. This terminal is newer with more police patrols and less homeless people in. I fly out of Terminal 2F which is opposite, so staying for 9 hrs in Terminal 2E will be really convenient. I’m excited about the trip. Read today that Airbnb (a website for accommodation and the people i have booked my studio with) also have people who run activities that aren’t that expensive, ie come and learn to cook the Parisian way for $29 – pretty cheap! 🙂 so i may do some of their activities. Also discovered the app Tripomatic, great app with maps of the places to go and sightsee etc (from the most popular to the lesser known). Next post will be from either the airport (flying KLM (aka Delta for this route)) or from France. Will let you all know what the airline and route was like 🙂

To pack or not to pack this…that is the question

Knowing you are going to be in a cold and wet climate does guide you on clothes to take…top priorities are thermals and rain proof coat. But, having travelled around, in the past, with a heavy suitcase and paying the price for it, in particular Victoria Station, London, i am getting wiser. To get to Victoria Station from Heathrow Airport, UK you use the underground…all good except when you arrive in Victoria Station…there aren’t any lofts from the underground up to the surface, so you have to carry your suitcase unless there is someone kind around who can help you. Learnt my lesson well there lol. So, having been warned that i will be climbing steps in France, i am packing lightly. Also, will be using a backpack instead of carry on luggage. This again will make movement around train stations a lot easier. So, what to pack? Hmmm a few tops, couple pairs of jeans, gym work out gear (nope I cant leave that behind), a pair of walking boots (note to self: wear my trainers), 2 warm tops hmmmm now what…decisions decisions


Last two weeks in the USA before i head off to Europe:

Went with a friend for a drive today. We went through the mountain range by Mount Rainer. The snow is here (though not a lot of it this season) and the lakes are nearly frozen over. God paints the most beautiful landscapes (sunset in the mountains):


Also, saw some Elk on the way home, seemed tame though i was warned not to get out of the car !!! Lol

My mind is preoccupied with the upcoming trip, last thing i am trying to organise is the insurance, and debating whether i should go to the dentist about my tooth that i cracked the other day…lol i know…go!!! But i hate dentists soooooo procrastination time 😉